Saturday, October 9, 2010

Music I am listening to...

Florence + The Machine, especially the songs "Cosmic Love" and "Kiss With a Fist". Cosmic Love has been in rotation for me since it was used on "So You Think You Can Dance" earlier this year, with it's strong drum beats and Flo's amazingly complex voice. This band (which is actually Florence and a rotation group of musicians, picked for their appropriateness song by song) has been getting a lot of attention lately, primarily because of their song being featured in the commercial (and maybe the movie?) for "Eat, Pray, Love", which you should, by no means, hold against them.

"Dream On" by Robyn: Robyn is someone who has seen a lot of success overseas, but kind of fell flat over here in the states after her first few singles in the 90s. This is a great Europop song, good beat, good lyrics, good singing. Also in this category is "You've Changed" by Sia, the same lady who sang the song for the most amazing tv finale ever, "Breathe Me" for "Six Feet Under" (and about 100 other shows trying to convey some sort of life changing huge event). "You've Changed" is also pure europop, kind of makes you want to get up and boogie a little, if you are into that sort of thing.

I would be lying to you and myself if I didn't include at least one Kelly Clarkson song, so this time it is "All I Ever Wanted" from her latest album. I love Kelly. LOVE KELLY. And am not even remotely ashamed of it. This song has such a catchy hook (is it a hook? I think it is a hook) and just showcases her gritty vocals. Best Idol Winner Ever.

I also have a huge amount of love for Tori Amos, and "Cooling" is a pretty amazing song. This is the live version (I am always a huge fan of live versions of songs) but there is a studio version out there also. I want to learn how to play this on the piano. Shouldn't take long at all, right?

The Kings of Leon's new song "Radioactive" is pretty great, I anxiously waited for it to be released after i saw the video for it a few weeks ago. Love this dude's voice. Also, another catchy hook. I think I need to look up what a hook is.

My "Oldie But Goodie" for this post is Carly Simon's "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be". I have loved Ms. Simon ever since I was a kid, she lived on the cape (Martha's Vineyard), I went to school with her kids, and that voice is amazing. During one of my recent "listen to every song on my iPod" periods, I heard this song and was taken by how beautiful it was. Pretty haunting singing, and I think the thing that I love about the song is the writing. I always listen to lyrics the same way I read poetry, and there are just lines upon lines of great writing in this song.

More will be posted!


B_4 said...

Carly Simon's song That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be was simply amazing when it came out. NOTHING like it was on the radio...I dare say nothing like it has been on the radio since! A true blue classic and standard. Watch her sing it in 1971. The video clip says 72, but the performance is 1971 Central Park.

jaytee said...

Holy moses, that is awesome! and getting added to my live music list!!! She looks amazing.

Joe said...

You have to check out some of Florence's b-sides like "Heavy in Your Arms," "Addicted to Love," "Swimming," and "Hardest of Hearts"

Meanwhile, "Cooling," OMG, an all-time favorite. I started learning it on piano once. I should finish that. The live version is superior.

jaytee said...

Joe: Yes, the live version is awesome (and better) although i am gaining some appreciation for the studio version. And yes, you should finish learning that on piano, then teach it to me.

AND Florence is one of my new favorites, and will check out your suggestions!