Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ok, hopefully for reals this time...

so i am ready to blog again! not sure what i am going to blog about, but a lot of things floating through my head, art, tv, things i hate, things i love and yes, food (most of which i love, just so we are clear). not really going to advertise that this little blog thing has started up again, but hopefully i will start having a good stream of stuff soon, and my peeps can start reading this thing regularly. i MIGHT be looking for another place to put some art pics up, since that was one of the things i was really debating about on this site, but until then, i will probably keep putting some pics up here. let this also serve as a "kick in the ass" to start working on some art.

anyway, here goes, hopefully i stick with it as well as i did the first year!