Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here we go!

alrighty then! i am starting this bad boy up, with only a minor batch of changes, including more traditional "blog" posts, but still, overwhelmingly full of pictures...i have over 400 pics from S. Africa i want to post, which was already narrowed down from 1700, and which will probably be narrowed down some more. the batch of over 400 pics can be seen (mostly unedited) on flickr ( but my favorites will be posted here with some commentary and descriptions, and will also be edited a little more (you may notice a pesky hair-like smudge on some of the flickr ones, this may have come about after i had to get a new camera, since some sort of weird voodoo hex broke my original camera...but i should be able to photoshop out the smudge. if not, you will hear me screaming in pain.)

alright, rock on. photos coming soon.


Adam said...

Those photos are awesome! How close did you actually get to the lions?

jaytee said...

Hey Adam, we were like five feet away! it was CRAZY!